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Seahorse Room

Toddlers need both freedom and security. Freedom to explore their environment, test and extend of their skills and express themselves in many ways. They also need the security of knowing that if they fall, there will be someone there to help them up. If they cannot reach something, someone will reach for them, and if they scream at the top of their lungs, they will be heard. Freedom to try new food, listen to new sounds and take on physical challenges and adventures beyond their usual boundaries. The more that toddlers feel that their physical and emotional security is guaranteed, the more free they will feel to reach out to the world and explore it.

Our environment is set up in a manner that supports each child to explore their world while feeling secure. We have planned the activities in the Seahorse room that provides learning opportunities that help stimulate the mind. The room is set up every morning with various activities that are derived from the children’s interests, abilities and present knowledge. Activities include construction and puzzles to stimulate mathematical thinking, role playing to develop an understanding of our community, language to support early literacy skills, and a book corner to instil a love for reading.

Educators in the Seahorse Room are:

Raquel (Room Leader) – Certificate iii in Early Childhood Education and Care

Manjit – Diploma of Children’s Services (Early Education and Care)