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How we Made Our Solar System

Recently the children had developed immense interest in the solar system. Some of them wanted to go in the space.

Planets with play dough

The children used their creativity to make planets using play dough. They used a picture of the solar system and began to name them. Some of them were happy with planet earth because their house is on earth.

We tried to get more knowledge from books as well,which helped them understand that the sun is not a planet but a star.

Paper Made Solar System

We made a Paper Made Solar system. The children loved tearing paper and pasting on balloons and even more painting it. Now we have hung up these planets in our Dolphin room.

At the end of the project, when all the planets dried up we gave them names, like closer to the Sun is Mercury, before Earth is Venus, the planet we live on is Earth, next to earth is Mars, the biggest planet in solar system is Jupiter, the planet with rings around it is Saturn (we even learned that the ring is made out of rocks), then we have Uranus and last of all Neptune (Technically Pluto is not considered as a planet any longer).