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Enhance Linguistic Development in Your Child

Communication skill, speech and language are the inheritance talent in every child. The newborn babies start to understand and communicate with the parents, no matter which language or the method they use. There are different methods of communication but let us concentrate on nurturing, developing and improving the talent of speech and language of a child.

Here are few tips for you.

TALK TO YOUR CHILD:- While talking to the child, speak slowly, clearly along with little acting so that the child can grasp and try to reply correctly.

READING:- Reading in front of a child will develop the skill to understand the words, pronunciation etc. even if he/she does not know its meaning initially.

STORY TELLING:- Telling a story with pictures will enhance his/her imagination and creativity as it is most popular tool to communicate with the child.

LISTENING THE SONG/MUSIC:- The song sung with good lyrics with clear pronounce and melody will nurture his/her speech.

CORRECTION OF PRONUNCIATIONS:- Do not make fun of shout with anger, in case of wrong pronunciation. Instead try to correct it by repeating the word with correct pronunciation.

At Wiggles & Giggles Child Care Centre, Wentworthville, we encourage kids to develop their linguistic abilities in their early lives . Call Us on (02) 9631 0244 if you have any questions/concerns.